Svetlin Penkov

Dr. Svetlin Penkov works at the intersection of artificial intelligence and robotics. He is the founder of Sciro Research – a team of world-class AI & Robotics specialists researching, developing and deploying state of the art AI systems. Before that, he did his PhD at the University of Edinburgh and was a Research Scientist & Tech Lead at [FiveAI](, the biggest autonomous vehicles start up in the UK. He has been actively involved in the entire process of bringing state of the art research into production code on the fleet of vehicles operating in London. When he is not around robots he likes to read, build with LEGO and play basketball.

Evgeni Marinov

Evgeniy Marinov has a consulting business in the field of machine learning and AI. For the last five years, he has been working on various projects with Start Ups and big corporations, helping them to incorporate machine learning strategies. Mathematician by education, he also holds a master’s degree in mathematics and mathematical physics from Sofia University and M2 specialization from the University of Strasbourg I.

Bozhidar Yovchev

Bozhidar lead the product development for over 15 AI projects while ensuring the projects' boundaries and results are well understood and fit the requirements. The projects range from identifying electricity theft to award-winning Braille engine. He is a cofounder of GridMetrics, an analytics company that improves the efficiency of companies with grid-like infrastructure by using large amounts of data and utilizing self-learning algorithms. Solutions created for DSO's, Gas Utilities, Water Utilities, Renewables, and Manufacturing facilities. Bozjidar is also cofounder of Netlyt,  a boutique AI research and development company. We tackle non-trivial AI problems for Telecoms, Municipalities, Media, and others.

Dean Palejev, Ph.D.

Dr. Dean Palejev leads the Digital Health domain at the Big Data for Smart Society (GATE) Institute at Sofia University. He is also an Associate Professor at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has a M.Sc. in Mathematics from Sofia University and a Ph.D. in Statistics from Yale University. Both his academic and industry interests are in the development and applications of advanced data analytics methods. He is a co-author of several scientific papers, including ones in Science, Nature, Cell and PNAS. On the industry side, he created and ran for 5 years the Data Science unit of what is now the largest financial group in Bulgaria.

Zdravko Zdravkov

Zdravko is business and product development professional with vast experience selling complex technical and innovative solutions across different markets. Specialize in the application of AI solutions to solve different challenges in the energy, utilities, and public infrastructure sectors.  He is a cofounder of GridMetrics, an analytics company that improves the efficiency of companies with grid-like infrastructure by using large amounts of data and utilizing self-learning algorithms. Solutions created for DSO's, Gas Utilities, Water Utilities, Renewables, and Manufacturing facilities. Zdravko is also cofounder of Netlyt,  a boutique AI research and development company. We tackle non-trivial AI problems for Telecoms, Municipalities, Media, and others.

Emil Shekerdijski

Emil Shekerdzhiiski is an Israeli-Bulgarian Startup Founder and entrepreneur who moved his life back to Bulgaria to create the fastest-growing coworking chain named "Networking Premium". He is an engineer and acts also as CTO of a technological company dealing with data integrity and Blockchain information security.

Kaloyan Ratchev

Kaloyan is the founder of Vangavis, an international innovation company with a focus on future industries like Artificial Intelligence, Fintech or LifeScience. He holds a master’s degree in Sociology and Economics from the University of Economics in Vienna and has been working in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship for the last 15 years. Next to his activities at Vangavis, Kaloyan is one of the founders and BOD members of the Bulgarian Fintech Association, as well as ambassador of the Bulgarian Health&Life Sciences Cluster. In addition, he is the voluntary chairman of the “Iwan Schischmanow” school in Vienna and participates in Trending Topics, the leading Austrian online media in the field of innovation, business and technology, which also expanded to the CEE market in 2019.

Boyko Perofanov

Boyko Perfanov is a co-founder of the AI cluster Bulgaria and has wide technical experience in AI for solving commercial problems - from airfare search engines through stock price predictions and predictive maintenance to Augmented Reality in the cityscape. A strong proponent for learning and collaboration in the workplace. Currently, he assists companies in setting up innovative projects: building development teams and project planning. Boyko has an M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Lyubomir Todorov

Lubomir Todorov is researcher and lecturer in the interdisciplinary area of civilizational studies, social anthropology, artificial intelligence, global issues, future studies, and geopolitics, with a focus on the long-term consequences of applying new exponential technologies for company management, macroeconomic and political processes; founder of the Universal Future global strategy. Holds a Ph. D. degree in international economics at the University of Economics in Prague, Czechia. Former diplomat and ambassador to Australia and Japan.

Marian Marinov

Innovator, entrepreneur and conceptualist - this is the shortest way to present Mark Marinov. He is the Business Development Director of Sofia Tech Park and the author of the concept for Incubation and Accelerator Program in the Incubator. Lawyer by education, entrepreneur by vocation. He has more than 20 years of experience in project and team management, concept development, business development, market development. He loves being among energized and fearless entrepreneurs, because this makes him feel small and recharged. He is a co-founder of startups in Bulgaria and London. In 2015 he co-founded, and a year later the British brand of the product and the company of the same name – was founded.

Rumen Mihaylov

Rumen Mihaylov is a machine-learning engineer with over 10 years of experience. He worked as a quant for an algorithmic trading hedge fund leading the trading strategies development. He valued complex credit derivatives for a quant shop selling valuations to UK-based hedge funds. Then, he spent time automating NLP tasks for a British unicorn startup. Currently, he holds a position in a leading global payments provider detecting fraud.


Hyperscience is a technology company blazing a new path in enterprise automation with a reimagined approach to building and powering processes. The Hyperscience Platform is the world’s first Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome Automation platform used by the global 2000s and government organizations around the world to build and run mission-critical processes with ease and speed. Hyperscience helps enterprises quickly build and roll out new business processes with built-in automations, reduce manual errors, increase high and low-skill employees productivity, and eliminate the need for costly transformation. Hyperscience Intelligent Document Processing solution has been implemented at some of the world’s leading financial services, insurance, healthcare and government organizations, including TD Ameritrade, QBE Insurance Group Limited and Voya Financial, helping them lower costs, reduce error rates by 67% and increase employee capacity by 10x. Since its founding in 2014, Hyperscience has grown to more than 140 employees with offices in New York City, Sofia, Bulgaria, and London, UK, and it has consistently been recognized as one of the best places to work with a collaborative and innovative culture and best-in-class benefits.

Marin Delchev

Marin Delchev is a machine learning engineer with over eight years of experience in the software development industry. He has experience in designing, building and deploying machine learning solutions to production. He has worked on various natural language processing, computer vision and network analysis projects for one of the fastest growing UK fintech companies and for a large online payment provider. Marin holds a master’s degree from one of Germany’s universities of excellence – RWTH Aachen.

Kristina Eskenazi

Kristina is a serial entrepreneur, Chairwoman of a Managing Board of Bulgarian Health & Life Science Cluster, Co-founder and member of a board of Bulgarian Bioscience Society, Member of the Managing Board of AI Cluster Bulgaria and Founder of Mass media Foundation. She is a seasoned PR and communications professional with over 18 years of experience. Kristina manages a broad range of communications and public affairs issues for public and private sector clients in many fields. Her current and past clients include private companies, leading industry associations, and not-for-profit organizations. She is interested in startup culture and supporting initiatives that present innovations.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar has more than 22 years’ experience in optimization of business processes, big data, data mining, AI and software development. He is a serial entrepreneur. His partners and clients are governments, academic institutes and universities in EU and USA. Dimitar is a Chairman and Co-founder of Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria, CEO of Micar Innovation Ltd, Co-founder of CardioMol Ltd.

Krasimir Tonchev

Krasimir Tonchev is a senior researcher at “Teleinfrastructure Lab” – TU-Sofia, Bulgaria. He has more than 15 years of experience in signal processing and machine vision. This includes development of image processing algorithms for camera phones sold in large volume, computer vision algorithms for thermal vision included in patented technology and more than 50 scientific papers. He is a co-founder of a couple of startups and has led many national and international scientific projects.

Valentin Savov

Valentin Savov is a Bulgarian attorney with more than 10 years of legal practice. Mr. Savov has worked with leading law firms in Bulgaria, Japan and the Netherlands. His areas of expertise include tax law and customs duties and corporate M&A. He also spent two years as Legal Counsel at DLA Piper, both in Tokyo Japan and Amsterdam. Since January 2014, Mr. Savov has been Chairman of the International Fiscal Association’s Bulgarian Branch.

Valentin Manev

Valentin Manev is a financial advisor with over fifteen years of progressive valuation and investment analysis experience for privately held companies and real estate investments. He has experience in subjects that include investment tools, asset valuation, portfolio management, and the application of ethical and professional standards in the investment industry. From 2015 he is a Chartered Financial Analyst®, a member of the CFA Institute and holds an investment consultant license, issued by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission. His activities include financial modelling, risk modelling, optimization, private equity and debt valuation.

Ivan Stankov

Ivan Stankov, PhD is a founder of a R&D consultancy in London. He has been working for fortune 500 companies over the past 6 years where he was bringing digital transformation across industries. His main area of expertise is NLP and text search and is particularly interested in neural lace and how it solves problems.

Dimitar Nikolov

Dr. Dimitar Nikolov (male) is an associate professor at the Technical University of Sofia. His research interests are in the field of design and analysis of semiconductor devices, failure analysis on integrated circuits. Recently he shifted his research interests in the area of safety assurance in safety-critical systems (SCS), with a special focus on SCS that involve different machine learning algorithms. He taught courses at the Technical University of Sofia on Semiconductors and Computer networks. In addition, he taught courses at Technology school Electronic systems, a specialised technology high school of key importance, associated with the Technical University of Sofia on data analysis and Linux system administration.


Identrics was founded in 2015 as an artificial intelligence startup in Sofia, Bulgaria. In line with the team’s expertise in data science and semantic technologies, our aim was — and remains to this day — to teach machines to order, boil down and elucidate the immense volumes of unstructured data and text we face daily. We joined global business intelligence provider A Data Pro in 2016, bolstering our know-how with its vast technological and human resources. We have since scaled our operations to the next level, acquiring an international client base and industry recognition, including a bronze Stevie Award.

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